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Get closer to the traditional Vietnamese culture while enjoying a traditional massage made in accordance with the Vietnamese savoir-faire and style. For your own well-being, we only use delightfully scented natural products. Let yourself be overwhelmed by a feeling of well-being and be lulled by the calming atmosphere and the relaxing music.
Pearl Spa may be the solution to a stressful everyday life. Take some time off and let yourself be pampered in a cozy environment.

Opening hour: 10am – 10pm daily

(Last booking:8h30pm)

For further information and reservation, please contact our reception!
Add: No 6 Bao Khanh,Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
Tel: +84 243938 0666        Fax: +84 243938 0777
Email: sales@hanoipearlhotel.com
 Time  Price
Deep cleansing facial
(Steam hot,cleansing,extraction.peeling,a little massage)
30 mins 350 VND
(16 USD)
Basic skin care facial
A facial therapy that is designed to improve skin texture and tone. This luxurious treatment will smooth and softer your complexion through a deep pour cleansing process, followed by skin balancing and nourishing masks.
60 mins 680 VND
(31 USD)
Sensitive skin care facial
A facial therapy for those suffering from excessive exposure to the sun or wind. Also good for those with allergies or rash, making the skin nourished and strengthened
65 mins  730 VND
(33 USD)
Combination skin care facial
This treatment helps improve and balance PH levels, alleviating fatigue and protecting it against allergies
730 VND
(33 USD)
Dry skin care facial
With this facial, dead skin is removed, making the face smother, softer and more radiant. It also helps stabilize the skin and reduce wrinkling.
65 mins 730 VND
(33 USD)
Facial for problematic skin( skin with acne, pigmented, open pores, oily or rough)
This special mask helps normalize the skin-cell replacement process, control oil levels and prevent acne or blackheads
75 mins 770 VND
 (35 USD)
Anti aging special with a collagen- mask facial
The collagen- mask provides special nutrients to the skin. Collagen fibers absorb into the skin revitalizing it, and helps it maintain moisture. This is made especially for aging skin
80 mins 950 VND
(43 USD)